20+ Years Experience; Fast, Courteous Service...

Robert E. Burt

I am a member of the NATP, National Association of Tax Professionals. My Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting comes from Roger Williams University. My business is licensed in the town of Bridgewater Massachusetts.

For 20+ years I have enjoyed what I do. If you are looking for fast courteous service please consider contacting me, Robert Burt, to help you with your taxing needs. I am available year round.

Tax Return Services

Personal Income Tax
Small Business Tax
Sole Proprietorship
Rental Income Property
Sale of Stocks
Sale of Rental Income Property

Tax Filing

I primarily prepare tax returns and file them electronically. I efile in all states. All my clients receive hard copies of their tax returns for their personal records.

I am registered with the IRS as a Registered Tax Return Preparer.

Additional Tax Services

  • I will review potential new clients prior year returns free of charge.
  • When necessary I will file a tax return extension.
  • My electronic filing fees are free and I will also set up direct deposit or ACH withdrawals at no charge.
  • I recommend financial advice to my client when appropriate. Unfortunately I do not provide services other than tax returns, but I will provide references.

Service Area

I am located in Bridgewater Massachusetts. My service area includes the South Shore, Cape Cod, North Shore, and other states. If you have a question as to whether I can service your area, please contact me directly at (508)697-2320 or toll free (866)TAX-0301.

Tax Consultation

I work hard to meet the needs of each individual client. I can perform a tax consultation a few different ways. My clients can meet with me at my business residence to provide their tax information. I can receive tax information by mail or email and provide consultation over the phone. I can also pick them up at my client's home.

All returns are reviewed in full with the client before they are electronically filed.

I encourage my clients to contact me anytime during the year should they receive notices from the IRS or Department of Revenue so I can review it for them.


The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer. For more information on registered tax return preparers, go to www.irs.gov.

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